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Collar satellite radio GPS X20+ DOG TRACER

Art. DOG GPS X20

New product

Kit GPS radio of the latest generation designed for the identification of the dog in a fast and convenient way. LCD Display retroillumimato of large dimensions, characterized by extreme simplicity of use. Designed for all those who are unfamiliar with electronic devices.

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X20+ is a satellite collar GPS-Radio of the latest generation without a SIM or subscriptions the annual intended for the localization of the dogs into wilderness areas for hunting purposes and recreational. The X20 has a radius of action in open field 20 km, reaching absolutely between the Big names in the industry.

The Kit, X20+ includes a receiver or more commonly referred to as a handheld device and a Transmitter called the collar , which must be affixed to the dog's neck. The two devices communicate together using radio waves in real time (update interval programmable choice 3-6-9 seconds ), of course, the longer the interval will be short and the greater will be the accuracy in the position of the dog.

In the handheld healthy given all the information needed to locate accurately and quickly the position of the dog with a simple glance. In his screen liquid crystal display, among the largest in the industry, you can find all the data useful for the identification of the dog and the management of the collars indicating the direction (compass) and distance (expressed in meters up to 999mt exceeded is replaced by the scale in Km), with characters of quick and easy-to-read, suitable therefore also to all those who have less familiarity with electronic products. In addition, for each single collar are plotted, and the charge of the battery, signal strength, GPS and radio.

The X20+ has been designed for all those who want to know with speed, accuracy and simplicity the position of the auxiliary (the handheld supports a maximum number of 9 collars for the purpose of safety and research. X20 is equipped with the function BeePer that indicates to us via the acoustic signal, or vibration of your dog's behavior and can be set to indicate if the dog moves or is stationary (by sound or vibration of the handheld device based on the preferences).

The new Dogtrace DOG GPS X20 + model has a new feature called "car compass" that allows you to search more accurately dogs over long distances and the hunter is moving in a vehicle.

The X20+ also offers the feature fence that allows you to set the maximum distance between the handheld and the collar after which a sound signal or vibration to indicate the overflow.

Distance - detection up to 20Km on the basis of the morphology of the territory

Number Collars - Management of 9 collars which are selectable from the menu

GPS technology - high sensitivity GPS to indicate with precision the position of the handheld with respect to the collar

LCD Display - backlit, large and easy to read in all light conditions

Waterproof - Handheld, waterproof, and usable in all weather conditions

Battery - Long battery life, approximately 40 hours of use

Compass - Compass and Distance with large fonts

Car Compass - Compass Function to be activated only with cars moving above 10 Km / h

Features BeePer sound or vibration, either for the dog or latch for the dog in movement

Function Fence - gives an alarm at the exceeding of a preset distance

Lightweight - Handheld light and not cluttered with belt clip or strap from the neck

Marking points of interest - Light and not cluttered handheld with belt clip or neck strap