Shooting suitcases

Shooting suitcases

Black Box pistol case with lock - TECHNOFRAMES

Case for weapons or valuables that combines design and build quality.Powder coated aluminum structureWalls in reinforced ABSPre-cut foam interior to be molded at the owner's discretion to fit the contentsSecurity lockAllows you to accommodate a gun with one or two accessoriesAlso ideal as an armored case for goods and valuablesN.B.: the product may not be...
Shooting suitcases

200 round Zero Caliber ammunition box 22lr - TECHNOFRAMES

Art. OM-TFT-022S
Limited edition 200-round ammunition holder for the .22lr caliber upon specific request of shooters who need to be able to carry a greater quantity of rounds without losing styleSolid and durable anodized aluminum structureMagnetic closure system with high resistance Neodymium magnets which prevents accidental openingHouses 200 rounds in .22lr...
Shooting suitcases

811 Case 4 8" pistols - MTM

Art. OM-691382
All cases are affordable and offer durable construction, a sleek design, reliable snap closures, and a large, comfortable handle. Each is made of sturdy polypropylene with a scratch-resistant finish.
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