Shooting rangefinders


Promax laser rangefinder - NUM'AXES

ART. OM-NX1102
Instant distance acquisitionDistance confirmation with vibration signalDistance:- To a tree: up to 550m- To a reflective surface: up to 820m

TEL1050 laser rangefinder - NUM'AXES

ART. OM-NX1101
Detects: a flag: up to 250m / 820ft, a building: up to 900m / 2953ft8 measurement modes: range, scan (with vibrationsignal), pinseeking, distance correction, fog ,horizontal distance, vertical height, speed.

Midas 1200Y rangefinder - ATHLON

This rangefinder is capable of measuring distances with pinpoint accuracy on both steep and flat terrain. The fully multi-coated lens treatment reduces glare and allows images to be viewed at maximum brightness. The non-slip shell allows for a strong and secure grip. The particular scan mode allows you to acquire distance from both fixed and mobile objects.

RF-650 LiteWave Rangefinder - CARSON

ART. OM-RF-650
The RF-650 LiteWave Rangefinder works in three different modes. Mode 1 measures straight line distance and elevation grade. Mode 2 measures straight-line (effective) distance, elevation degree, horizontal distance, and vertical distance. Mode 3 shows all functions of 2, however, in this mode the item continuously scans these distances as you move the...

X-RAY 800 rangefinder - HALO

ART. OM-Telemetro Halo X-RAY 800
High definition rangefinder with 6 magnifications with operation up to 800 meters.Dimensions 10, 60 x 7, 62 x 4, 30 cm.

XRT6 rangefinder - HALO

ART. OM-Telemetro Halo XRT6
High definition rangefinder with 6 magnifications with operation up to 412 meters.
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