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WA-MIKE Wireless Bluetooth Microphone/Speaker - MIDLAND


WA line wireless microphone


WA line wireless microphone

WA‐MIKE is the wireless Bluetooth microphone that completes the WA line. An absolute novelty from Midland, with WA‐MIKE you can finally communicate wirelessly with your CB! WA‐MIKE is very convenient as it frees you from the constraint of the wire of traditional microphones, makes the use of the transceiver more practical, it also allows you to get off the vehicle carrying the microphone with you to be able to communicate remotely (up to a distance of 10m ). The great news of this microphone is the possibility of using it simultaneously also in combination with your mobile phone!
Thanks to WA‐MIKE you can make phone calls and answer incoming calls without having to pick up your cell phone! (This is possible with mobile phones equipped with voice dialing)


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